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Providing a Safe and Secure Environment during the Covid Pandemic at Bridgewater Day Care

14th Sep 2020

Bridgewater Day Care’s specialist team of staff are trained in the latest techniques in the care of those living with a form of dementia and Alzheimer’s, and this knowledge is reflected in the level of care we provide at our Day Care Centre in Wigan.

We understand that this is a very worrying time and that you may be concerned about your loved ones but we want to provide you with peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to keep our clients safe, stimulated and comfortable when they attend Bridgewater Day Care Centre.

In the UK, 61% of people who have dementia are living in the community. (Source 1 ) . Confinement, isolation and many of the challenges brought about by the Covid pandemic have been found to be detrimental to the cognitive and mental health symptoms in people with dementia across the world, both those living in the community and care homes. (Source 2 )

It is more important than ever as winter approaches and the Covid rates in the North West start to increase again to ensure that both new and existing clients, receive exceptional care and support from the care specialist team at Bridgewater Day Care.

We have had no confirmed cases of COVID19 at the Day Care Centre and the Day Care Centre will continue to remain open, just as we have been since the start of the pandemic.

What we are doing to keep our clients safe during this time:

Bridgewater Day Care are following the latest Government Guidelines on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure our clients are as comfortable and safe as possible at the Day Care Centre. All of our care team receive comprehensive training which includes infection prevention, handwashing and the safe use and removal of required PPE.

Covid has presented Bridgewater Day Care and all care providers with an unprecedented range of complex and demanding issues, such as interpreting rapidly changing legislation and ensuring access to essential safety equipment such as PPE. Managing Director of Bridgewater Day Care, Phil Eckersley, has been meeting these demands head on and has led the implementation of Bridgewater’s responsive coronavirus strategy which ensures the safety of their clients and carers – focusing heavily upon infection control.

Phil commented “The biggest impact on the business has been managing the health and safety of our care team, office staff and our clients. It has been a challenging time acquiring enough PPE to meet the new standards and guidelines issued by the Government and Department of Health but we are proud to have a highly enthusiastic and hardworking team with a group of key suppliers who have ensured that it is ‘business as usual’ when caring for our clients and our staff in the safest way possible.”

Lisa Lehan, the Day Care Manager added “Our Day Care Centre certainly looks a little different and is also run very differently to how it used to be run pre-Covid. Adjustments have been made across the board to ensure safety for all as we have had to adapt our procedures to keep our clients and my team safe.”

The main changes are listed below that the Centre have implemented to protect our clients and our care specialists attending Bridgewater Day Care Centre:

☑️ PPE is worn at all times – masks, gloves, aprons, and visors.

☑️ Deep cleaning regimes are carried out throughout the day and also deep cleaning at the close of business.

☑️ No one is allowed in the building apart from staff and clients.

☑️ Hand sanitiser is used before entering the building and temperatures of clients and staff are checked – We have temperature guns so that every person who enters the Day Centre has a temperature check on their wrist (it’s not necessary on the forehead as we think that this would likely agitate or concern our clients if we did this) and their temperature is recorded in their care plan every day.

☑️ Hand sanitiser is provided and located around the Day Centre and clients are prompted to wash their hands and sanitise throughout the day.

☑️ There is a One-way system in and out of the Day Centre and also to and from the bathrooms.

☑️ Social distancing has been implemented for all clients – the seating area has been rearranged and at lunch time only two clients are allowed per table with 2 metre social distancing.

☑️ Activities are now done as a whole group to restrict contact between clients.  We have small bubbles for more complex needs with the same carer throughout the week. Creating a close and collaborative relationship means that carers are able to better understand our clients’ needs and how to support their wellbeing.

Reducing the impact of Isolation

Many of Bridgewater Day Care’s clients are people living with dementia who continue to live independently at home with the support of family carers or professional carers or both.

Familiarity and regular routines are key to reducing distress, so receiving consistent support from our specially trained carers in the familiar Day Care environment is ideal wherever possible.

A healthy diet, suitable exercise and cognitive stimulation have all been shown to have a positive impact on dementia symptoms and we work with our clients to ensure they are getting the best possible care whilst also meeting their personal choices and needs whilst attending our Day Care Centre.

Healthcare experts advise that people with dementia should take part in cognitive stimulation activities, ideally as part of a group structure. There is a broad range of activities available for people with dementia, so it is usually possible to develop a programme of cognitive stimulation that is tailored towards your loved one’s capabilities and interests.

Activities can be adjusted as the dementia progresses and at Bridgewater Day Care, we are able to source the activities needed for each individual client, subject to the limitations imposed by Covid to keep our staff and clients safe.

Maintaining healthy and strong relationships

We have a personalised care plan for each of our clients and by having continuity of carers we are able to quickly spot any changes in a client’s health and adapt the care plan and our care and support appropriately. We are able to quickly notify loved ones if anything new arises where we have received written permission from our client to share this information with you.

Bridgewater Day Care really hope that our carers continue to put smiles on people’s faces and that we have the privilege to make a difference to our clients’ lives every day with empathy, dignity, and comfort. To care for another person is a vocation that can be demanding but is always rewarding and our Day Care Team strive to maintain the strong relationships that they have built up with our existing clients and look forward to building relationships with new clients.

Please contact one of our friendly team to discuss any fears or concerns you have for yourself, your family or loved ones attending the Day Care Centre or to discuss the activities and support that we provide for our clients :

Call : 01942 723115


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