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Dementia Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

1st Dec 2016

When buying Christmas gifts for friends and family affected by Alzheimer’s and other Dementia’s it pays to choose gifts that are engaging. As professionals in this field we have put together some suggestions which we think we will bring plenty of joy to the receiver!

Here are our top tips!


Gifts which help individuals to retain their independence are always welcomed, this can be something such as a large button telephone or a simple remote control that can be used for the television, there are even talking watches available for those struggling with sight.


An individual in the early stages of Dementia may benefit from games or puzzles that encourage problem solving & cognitive stimulation. These activities are even better when shared with a loved one, quality time spent together is fantastically therapeutic.


Reminiscence is something often enjoyed by the elderly or those living with a form of Dementia. Looking back to times past can create feelings of belonging and security, especially when shared with a family member or carer. We can use many items to reminisce; old movies, a photograph album full of pictures of family and friends from times past or a lovely historical book of images of the local area.


The gift of music can be wonderful for someone living with Dementia. It is thought that it can reach parts of the brain that other forms of communication may not.  Music encourages those living with Dementia to recall memories and emotions which help to bring feelings of emotional and physical closeness. Playlists of special songs or genres that your loved one enjoys make a wonderful gift, or tickets to a concert that you can enjoy together, or an easy to use radio with pre-set stations.


Sensory therapy has become a popular pasttime for those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia, particularly in the later stages. A soft blanket with different tactile tags on it would make a lovely gift, as would a soft teddy, if you wanted to be creative you could even make your own sensory box for someone special.


We wholeheartedly believe that the most wonderful gift you can give to a loved one living with a dementia is the gift of spending time with them. Loneliness and isolation are such huge problems for the elderly in our society that we mustn’t underestimate the value of a cup of tea and a hand to hold.


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