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Healthy living with Dementia at Bridgewater

26th Nov 2013

Healthy Living with Dementia

These special points of interest are:


A healthy balanced diet provides all the nutrients the body needs in the right amounts to stay fit and well.  Eating a nutritious balanced diet and maintaining a healthy body weight is just as important for people with dementia as anyone else.

Eating healthily does not mean that certain foods have to be avoided.  Everything in moderation and a little bit of what you fancy is the key to enjoying food and staying fit and well.  However, knowing which foods provide which types of nutrients can be helpful in planning a healthy approach to eating and mealtimes.

At Bridgewater Day Centre, we focus our time and energy into working with nutritional experts and providers of meals tailored specifically for the elderly to ensure that our Clients receive a well-balanced, healthy and satisfying meal during their visit with us.


The benefits of exercise are well known.  Regular exercise maintains a healthy heart, controls weight, and preserves muscle strength.  Exercise can also improve blood flow to your brain, elevate your mood, release tension and maintain your flexibility and mobility.

Within our schedule of activities we will invite external agencies to provide activity sessions in the centre for Clients with varied abilities, whether these are chair based exercises or tasters in Zumba, Yoga or Tai Chi and much more.


Friendships have an enormous importance that it keeps people communicating with others, participation with well-established friends or new people.  Enjoying hobbies and activities give a good feeling of wellbeing and increase mental stimulation.

Bridgewater Day Centre’s core aim is to provide a ‘Home away from home’, a place where Clients can feel comfortable, relaxed and happy in an environment that encourages social interactions and simple fun times!

Mental Health

Many people have heard the saying “use it or lose it”.  There are ways to maximise your existing skills, exercise your thinking abilities and improve your quality of life through mentally stimulating activity.

Mental stimulation is linked to slower cognitive decline.  At Bridgewater Day Centre we encourage our Clients to engage as much as possible in the activities they partake in and with fellow attendees socially.  Not only is mental stimulation beneficial for those diagnosed with a form of dementia, but it also reduces the risk of developing dementia in the future for those who are not living with it.