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iPads & Reminiscence Therapy – Bringing Back Memories and Creating More

8th Aug 2019

client with ipad

iPads can play a huge part in supporting the wellbeing of less mobile clients, especially those who may struggle with vision or hearing, as these clients often struggle with group work. At Bridgewater Day Care, we can personalize these tablets for our individual clients, and with an understanding of their musical or movie preferences we can create tailored playlists which help them relax, reminisce, or simply enjoy zoning out to some beautiful music. This time can help to increase concentration as clients are clearly focusing on just one thing at a time. It is such a beautiful experience when we hear a client who may struggle to hold a conversation beautifully singing to the music on their playlist, such is the power of music!

daycare client using ipad

Our iPads are pre-loaded with all the latest dementia games and puzzles, catering to all levels of ability. These puzzles focus on increasing memory and cognitive skills which can help keep the mind working hard, think of it as a trip to the gym for your brain!

Some of our clients have friends and relatives abroad, and by using Skype we can assist with video calling, which is always a fantastic and emotional experience for all involved. As this kind of technology is new to most of our clients, accessing it brings a real sense of achievement, which in turn brings bucket loads of confidence and self-worth!

Reminiscence Therapy with ipads

Reminiscence Therapy is hugely beneficial to our clients, and the iPads represent a great way to access many activities. We can use a variety of apps to bring back past hobbies, we even have a virtual flower garden where our clients can make their own garden from seed to planting and growing! We can visit any destination in the world and many clients love to look at countries they have visited or see pictures of places where they met their loved ones.

Using iPads in care

We hope that we have been able to demonstrate just how much joy the iPads bring into our clients’ lives, and how many special memories it has helped to bring back. Importantly though, the iPads have created new memories, fun, satisfaction and engaging challenges with a wide range of positive outcomes all round.

If you have a loved one who would benefit from our services, why not call us to arrange a free taster session at a day that suits you, either in the morning or the afternoon, for a period of 2 hours? Please give us a call and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements and answer any queries you may have.

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