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Making Exercise Fun!

When it comes to exercise in later life, make it inclusive, achievable and fun!


We are huge advocates of the importance of exercise at any age, but in later years it can really improve a person’s overall quality of life. Studies show that when we exercise we gain a whole host of benefits, both physical and mental. Did you know that even simple exercises can improve balance, increase bone density, build strength and stamina? Not only that, but exercise has been shown to improve mood, improve self-confidence and promote restful sleep.


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We are not advocating that our clients take up fell running or joining their nearest spinning class, but we are suggesting that a little light exercise that is achievable and enjoyable would be a wonderful addition to an older person’s life. At Bridgewater Day Care we recognise that not everybody has the confidence to exercise at home with the support of a loved one, and that is why we always do our best to provide lots of opportunities within our beautiful purpose built centre.


There are a range of ways that we encourage our clients to be active during their time with us. In the morning, we often do an ‘arm chair aerobics’ class, which involves some light stretching of our arms and legs, gets everyone moving but can be done in the comfort of a chair. This works well for us because it is a seated activity and all clients can partake should they wish.


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We have plenty of other opportunities for exercise throughout the day at Bridgewater Day Care. Our clients have been known to enjoy yoga, any games involving the parachute and playing catch with an inflatable beach ball. One of our favourite ways to exercise is when we are lucky enough to have a visiting singer or musician, there is always plenty of dancing!!


I hope we have been able to demonstrate how we can include plenty of activity into our client’s lives, something which everyone can take part in and importantly is a great source of joy to all involved. If you would like to know more about our wonderful day care centre, or are interested in a place for a loved one, please call our centre manager, Lisa on 01942 723115.






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