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The wonderful benefits of day care for seniors

Taking care of loved one who may be living with a form of dementia, be vulnerable or isolated can come with its own unique challenges and often has a huge impact on the lives of whole families. At Bridgewater Day Care our aim is to support our clients, as well as their families, by providing a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.

Enjoying Social Opportunities

If an elderly person is living alone, even with family nearby, there is a chance that they could become socially isolated. Loneliness is a huge problem today, and affects individuals both emotionally and physically. Our clients enjoy building friendships with their peers as well as having plenty of interaction with our fantastic care team. We play games, have visits from local singers and artists, we sit down to enjoy a two-course hot meal together, and we do whatever we can to help our clients build relationships with each other.

Support with Additional Needs

We take pride in maintaining the dignity of our clients and respecting their wishes. We understand that support with Personal Care is often hard to accept, that’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that our care workers fully understand the needs of each client that visits the centre. We can assist with bathing, using our own purpose built personal bathing area, we can assist with dressing, grooming, incontinence, eating and we can provide medication reminders. Our compassionate team have completed the Bridgewater Care induction programme, a week long intensive training course in social care, provided 3 references and have been subject to an Enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) check and Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults check prior to supporting any clients. This means you can be sure that your loved ones are in safe, caring hands at all times.

happy clients

Taking Part in Stimulating Activities

We provide a wide range of stimulating activities for our clients throughout the day, though there is no pressure for anyone to take part if they do not wish. Our support team go to great lengths to plan appropriate activities that will help everyone to reach their own individual goals. We enjoy gardening, art, bingo, shared reading, reminiscence activities and even pet therapy!

Respite for Carers

One of the advantages that a day care centre can provide is respite. Our services allow family carers to spend time away from their loved ones without worrying about their care. This may free up some time to catch up on jobs, go to the shops, or even catch up on some much-needed rest before their care duties resume.

There are so many amazing benefits for the whole family when a vulnerable gets to enjoy some time out in a safe, purpose built centre such as ours. Why not find out for yourself by booking a free taster visit? Our FREE taster sessions are available at a day that suits you either in the AM or the PM for a period of 2 hours. To take advantage of this free service please give us a call and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements and answer any queries you may have.

For more information please contact us on 01942 723 115 or email

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We’re Finalists in the Care Awards!

The Great British Care Awards are a series of regional events throughout England and are a celebration of excellence across the care sector. The purpose of the awards is to pay tribute to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work.

This year, the judges have shortlisted – not one – but four members of our team as regional finalists in their categories! These are very special awards for us as finalists are chosen for their compassion, knowledge and achievement in each field.

Two members of of the team from our day care centre have been nominated and we want to share this wonderful news with you all!

Gill Sinar has been nominated for ‘The Dementia Carer Award’. This important award has been created to reflect the specific skills needed to manage and deliver services sensitive to the needs of older people with dementia. Gill has a huge wealth of experience of the needs of those living with a dementia and can support them with compassion, as well as being a huge support to their loved ones too.

Gillian Sinar

Gillian Sinar

Donna Edwards has received a nomination for ‘The Dignity in Care Award’.  Nominees for this award have been able to demonstrate the significance of maximising client independence and choice, whilst respecting and maintaining privacy and dignity at all times. We are extremely proud of Donna for having received a nomination in this category.

Our sister company, Bridgewater Home Care have also received two nominations. Maxine Shacklady, our training manager, based in the Wigan office, has been nominated for the ‘The Care Trainer Award’ and our very own Managing Director Phil Eckersley has received a nomination for ‘The Care Employer Award’!

We would also like to mention every single team member at Bridgewater Day Care who are all deserving of a nomination for their compassion and professionalism every day.

The awards date is 24th November 2018 and the ceremony will be held at the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel. We can’t wait!

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Making Exercise Fun!

We are not advocating that our clients take up fell running or joining their nearest spinning class, but we are suggesting that a little light exercise that is achievable and enjoyable would be a wonderful addition to an older person’s life. At Bridgewater Day Care we recognise that not everybody has the confidence to exercise at home with the support of a loved one, and that is why we always do our best to provide lots of opportunities within our beautiful purpose built centre

There are a range of ways that we encourage our clients to be active during their time with us. In the morning, we often do an ‘arm chair aerobics’ class, which involves some light stretching of our arms and legs, gets everyone moving but can be done in the comfort of a chair. This works well for us because it is a seated activity and all clients can partake should they wish.

We have plenty of other opportunities for exercise throughout the day at Bridgewater Day Care. Our clients have been known to enjoy yoga, any games involving the parachute and playing catch with an inflatable beach ball. One of our favourite ways to exercise is when we are lucky enough to have a visiting singer or musician, there is always plenty of dancing!!

I hope we have been able to demonstrate how we can include plenty of activity into our client’s lives, something which everyone can take part in and importantly is a great source of joy to all involved. If you would like to know more about our wonderful day care centre, or are interested in a place for a loved one, please call our centre manager, Lisa on 01942 723115.

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Caring for Vulnerable People During a Heatwave

Many of our client’s families have been asking us what they can do to help keep their loved ones, friends and neighbours cool during the heatwave. So, we thought we would put together this useful list of tips for anyone who needs it

  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast. It can be through social media, television or listening to the radio, but make sure you understand the meteorological office warning system and plan accordingly.
  • Stay hydrated. It’s not enough to wait until someone feels thirsty, keeping offering cool glasses of water and squash. Avoid tea, coffee and of course, alcohol!
  • Familiarise yourself with the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, know what to do if you are concerned about someone.  More information can be found here:

Avoid being outside from 11am until 3pm when the heat will be at its peak.

  • Shut windows and blinds when the temperature is hotter outside than in. Open windows in the evening when it is cooler. Please only do this if you can ensure that it is safe for your loved one.
  • Wear a sun blocking hat and cool, loose clothing.
  • Locate the coolest room in the house and plan to spend time in that room if necessary.
  • Giving luke warm showers and baths can help, as can a cool flannel on the back of the neck. Please note that ice cold showers are not a good idea and can raise the human body temperature even higher.
  • Eat light, cool meals, such as salads and vegetables. Snack on ice lollies and foods that cool you down ‘from the inside out’.
  • Understand that certain individuals may take medication that can reduce their ability to be able to cope with the heat. Does this affect your loved one?

Take a trip to an air-conditioned facility, such as a community library or café.


Make sure that a high factor sun cream is being used when out in the sun. This might sound obvious but you’d be amazed how many people underestimate the impact of the sun, particularly on older, frail skin.

Summer is wonderful time to get out there and enjoy the fresh air, so please don’t let these suggestions put you off taking your loved ones out and about. The guidelines are there to allow you to stay safe and comfortable.

If you have any great tips you could add to this, please let us know via our Facebook page (Click HERE).

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Sensory Garden Party in aid of Dementia Action Week!

Why do sensory activities benefit the elderly and those living with a form of dementia?

Sensory stimulation is a huge part of all our lives but when living with a form dementia it can be overwhelming and confusing. If we find ourselves lonely and socially isolated, we may miss out on sensory stimulation and stay at home with only the television or radio for company. We believe that all our clients, from whatever background, will benefit from the positive effects of sensory activities, that’s why we decided to host our first ever week of sensory garden parties here at Bridgewater Day Care.

Did you know that taking part in these activities helps to facilitate communication with friends and carers? It encourages participation in community activities and serves to boost our confidence and mood. It can improve cognitive function, increase alertness and concentration as well as keep us thoroughly entertained. Taking part in a wide range of sensory activities is like a workout for the mind!

What activities did we put on for our clients as part of the garden party?

We selected a whole range of different activities, from bubbles, sand play, hook the duck and Velcro darts to name but a few.

Client playing hook the duck

Client playing ‘hook the duck’!

We had a sandpit complete with shells as part of our garden party, which everyone had access to. Sand play is a form of creative self-expression which can help us access our emotions as well as being great fun. Making sandcastles and other shapes is brilliant for exercising gross and fine motor skills, as well as helping to increase concentration. It can also make us nostalgic and reminisce about past times can help us to access difficult to reach memories.

All our clients enjoyed the bubble machine, a great inclusive activity that made everyone giggle. Popping bubbles is great fun, good for coordination and gross motor skills, the feeling and the sensation of them popping on your skin is wonderful.

Client with bubble machine

Client having fun with the bubble machine

We had a paddling pool full of cool water and orbs that clients could dip their feet into and have a soak. The cooling sensation on such a hot day was a real treat and our clients loved the feeling of all the orbs on their feet. The biggest hit by far was a game of hook the duck!! This game is a good old fashioned favourite and everybody had a try.


Client soaking feet in pool

Client having a good soak in the cool pool!

Our brilliant staff were on hand to support our clients to take part in all the activities that they wanted to, and much fun was had by all. Thanks to all of you who came and joined in the fun, we had a brilliant week.

If you know someone who would benefit from attending our Golborne Day Centre why not get in touch with our manager Lisa Lehan on 01942 723 115 for an informal chat. We currently have space and can offer trial visits with pre-arrangement.

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The Importance of Friendship

Did you know that research suggests building friendships and positive relationships could help us to lead a longer and happier life? Just as our basic human need for food, water and somewhere safe to live is important, so is the need for companionship.

According to Age UK, 3.6 million older people in the UK live alone, of whom over 2 million are aged 75+. A staggering 1.9 million older people currently feel ignored or invisible! The long-term impact of loneliness is only beginning to be fully understood but we do know that loneliness is associated with depression, sleep problems, impaired cognitive health, heightened vascular resistance, hypertension, psychological stress and mental health problems.

A Bridgewater Day Care we aim to fight back against loneliness in the community. We support our clients to build strong bonds and friendships with their peers, as well as with our friendly and compassionate staff. We are safe space in which to have fun, try a new activity, reminisce with friends, or simply sit back and enjoy being part of the lovely atmosphere.


Clients having fun with arts and crafts

Clients having fun with arts and crafts


Our clients enjoy sitting down and eating a hot meal of their choice together at lunch time. Communal eating increases social bonding and feelings of wellbeing, as well as enhancing a sense of contentedness and belonging within the community. Our well-trained staff are able to assist with any personal needs so that everyone is included in sitting down for a meal together.


We play lots of lovely games here in our purpose-built day centre, including bingo, pool and cards. The gentlemen often enjoy sitting down to a game of dominoes. There’s plenty to choose from and many of our clients enjoy a bit of healthy competition amongst friends!


Our valued clients enjoying a chat in the sunshine

Our valued clients enjoying a chat in the sunshine


We have recently set up our ‘Dementia Lounge’ which is proving a real hit. There are lots of items from past times in this space to allow for lots of reminiscence and to make it a very familiar space in which to relax. Many of our clients simply enjoy sitting with a cup of tea, enjoying the opportunity to be amongst company.


We wanted to share this lovely testimonial which demonstrates just how much of a lifeline our day care centre is to many of our clients:
‘After starting at Bridgewater Day Care my life has begun to turn around. After losing my husband two years ago I was in a very low state. I have met such very good friends. I was a very lonely person and badly needed the company of others. All the staff are wonderful and are there to help you. I have even started to knit again which passes the time at home. The food is excellent and lovely served to you. I look forward to my Tuesday and Fridays to be with my friends’. – MM


We currently have spaces available at our beautiful, purpose built centre in Golborne. If you think our services would benefit someone in the community living with a dementia or someone who may be isolated, get in touch with Lisa, our centre manager on 01942 723 115 or email us

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People of Wigan…we need you!

Do you have anything retro that you’d like to donate to our very first Dementia Friendly Lounge at Bridgewater Day Care?

Inspired by a wonderfully generous gift of a three-piece suite from a local lady we have decided to set up our very own Dementia Friendly Lounge, a space for our clients to simply relax, chat and be comfortable. Those living with a form of dementia enjoy an opportunity for reminiscence and with that in mind that we are hoping to find a few more retro items to help make our dementia friendly lounge area a lovely place to be.

Reminiscence can help individuals to access memories that they may find difficult to reach. Recalling memories is a great process for anyone’s brain to stay alert and keep their memory active and working as much as possible. Think of it like going to the gym, for your brain!!


Clients enjoying the Dementia Lounge

Clients enjoying the Dementia Lounge


We are also looking to incorporate music into this space so are on the lookout for an old but working record player. The power of music for those living with a dementia is huge and studies show that simply by listening to music we are boosting our brain activity. Music can help to make our mood more positive, control stress and provide feelings of joy. It can even make us burst into song, something else which is a brilliant type of therapy for all of us!


Ideally, we would love to be able to put a few more bits from the past into our lovely dementia friendly lounge and we are on the lookout for the following retro items:


• Record player

• Telephone
• Clock
• Pictures for the walls


Clients enjoying the Dementia Lounge

Clients enjoying the Dementia Lounge

At Bridgewater Day Care, our motto is to be ‘A Home Away from Home,’ and we are always seeking out new ways to make our purpose-built centre exactly that.


If there is something you would like to share with us, please get in touch with our centre manager, Lisa, on 01942 723115 or email us

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Pets bring an afternoon of fun and therapy!

Pets bring an afternoon of fun and therapy to Bridgewater Day Care!

When our very brave staff Lisa & Louise offered to face their own personal fears of spiders and snakes to raise money for a Pet Therapy session for our clients, we leapt at the chance! Lisa & Louise set up their very own ‘Bushtucker Trial’ and asked friends, family, colleagues and family members of our clients if they’d be kind enough to sponsor them just a little bit of change to help fund a visit from Georgia’s Reptile Ark.

Last Friday was the day in question and we kicked it off by our lovely ladies facing their (very genuine) fears, Lisa and Louise were both so brave having spiders crawling on them and snakes draped around their neck. What a brilliant achievement!


Louise and Lisa facing their fears!


After the Bushtucker Trial it was our wonderful clients turn to spend lots of time meeting all the fantastic pets and critters that Georgia’s Reptile Ark brought along.  Clients held a beautiful soft hen, spent time with a gorgeous little hedgehog, let a giant tarantula creep across their hands and had plenty of cuddles with an adorable guinea pig.


A Client saying hello to fluffy the Hen!


Research shows that Pet Therapy, otherwise known as Animal Assisted Therapy has plenty of benefits for older adults and those living with a form of dementia. Spending time with animals can generate feel good hormones such as oxytocin, prolactin and serotonin. Sitting with a small animal on your knee can be calming, as well as confidence boosting. It helps to access the more nurturing side of our personalities and improves our self-esteem.


A Client takes on her fears and has some time with the snake!


We are delighted to let you know that Lisa and Louise’s fabulously brave efforts in their Bushtucker Trial raised over £475.00! All of us at Bridgewater Day Care have been touched by the kindness and generosity of all involved in helping to facilitate this wonderful afternoon for our clients. We also wanted to thank Georgia’s Reptile Ark, who spent much longer than planned interacting with our clients and helping them with the animals, they were more than generous with their time.



A Client has a cuddle of


If you feel that we could be of assistance to help or support with caring for a loved one at home please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01942 723 115 or email


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Making a Memory Tree

Making a Memory Tree is the perfect activity for a loved one living with a form of Dementia.

Reminiscence is a successful and popular therapy widely used to lower stress levels and make someone living with a form of dementia feel valued, included and supported. Generally, a person living with a dementia will retain their long-term memories for significantly longer than short term, so it makes sense that an activity that taps into older memories would be a great way to reminisce.

Memory Tree1

Creating a memory tree can be done in a group setting, as we have at Bridgewater Day Care, or can be done as an individual project with a loved one. We started by drawing and decorating a tree trunk and then cutting out leaf or cloud shapes to write our memories on. We chatted with our clients about times past, without putting anyone under pressure. If a person doesn’t feel they have a memory to share, that’s fine, it can be done later. The beauty of an activity such as this as you can just keep adding to it!

Memory Tree2

Invite your loved one to share a special memory at a time when there is lots of opportunity to chat. This can be done by starting conversations about the times in a person’s life, maybe looking at photographs, souvenirs and postcards or letters. The aim is spending time listening and allowing your loved one the opportunity to reminisce in a quiet and supportive space. As we know, not all memories in our lives are happy, if a person seems upset by a memory it is important to allow them to express it in their own way. Letting feelings come to the surface can be a positive, if a loved one doesn’t feel forced to recall this memory, it doesn’t mean that the activity has failed!

Memory Tree3


At Bridgewater Day Care building a memory tree helps us to learn more about our client’s lives, and helps them to build friendships with others in the group. It also helps individuals living with a form of dementia to retain fond memories of the past, enjoy thinking about loved ones, hobbies and interests. There is real beauty in collecting memories!

Memory Tree4

We currently have availability at our day care centre in Golborne. If you think that we could help a loved one or someone in the community please do get in touch today by calling 01942 723115 and asking for our centre manager, Lisa.

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What happens in a day at Bridgewater Day Care Centre?

Bridgewater Day Care was established in response to a growing need in day care services for older people. The purpose of our service is to provide a positive, stimulating environment for older people and those living with a form of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia’s.

Our service allows older people to create new friendships, engage in hobbies and activities both past and now, maintain mental stimulation and much more. It also gives respite and support to their carers and relatives.


Client enjoying a day in the sunshine at Bridgewater Day Care Centre


But what happens in an average day here at Bridgewater Day Care?

Our clients arrive at our lovely, purpose built centre from 9.30am onwards either on local authority transport or by family members and carers. Everyone is greeted with tea, coffee, biscuits and toast and we always take the time to chat to each of our clients and listen to any news that they might want to share.


After our refreshments, we have morning activities in place which can be anything from arts & crafts, bowls, hoopla, potting plants, baking and morning exercises. We also have iPads and wireless headphones that are completely tailored to each individual which are clients are free use. At Bridgewater Day Care, we never pressure our clients to take part in any activity, they are free to take part in whatever they wish or simply sit back and enjoy the company.


day in daycare 2

A Client enjoying a game of Pool with new found friends


We also host visits from different local organisations, most recently we’ve been holding a shared reading group with Chris, from the wonderful charity, The Reader. We have also had visits from the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester, local art groups, lovely pet therapy visits, choirs and plenty more!
Between 12 and 1pm our clients enjoy a lovely hot two-course meal. There is a choice of eight main courses and eight puddings a day, there are plenty of choices that meet any individual dietary needs our clients may have. Specific personal needs are met by our well trained and supportive staff.


We aim to start afternoon activities around 1.15pm and find that this is a great time to do one to one activities or small group work. We pay careful consideration to the needs of each individual client, making sure that everyone can take part and feel satisfaction from the activities on offer. Our wonderful team work hard to encourage everyone to work towards their own individual goals in a fun environment free of pressure. We try to bring back past hobbies and memories as well as introducing new activities!


We are also able to offer a bathing service for our clients and others in the community, a carers support group and a free sitting service on the third Thursday of each month. Please do enquire for more details.


As our clients begin to leave at 3.30pm our staff prepare our wonderful purpose built Centre for another day of fun tomorrow! The most important thing to us here at Bridgewater Day Care is that our clients have great fun in a safe and secure environment, whilst also helping to enhance their independence and bring a sense of joy and achievement to everything that they do whilst in our care.


day in daycare 1

Clients enjoying a variety of activities at Bridgewater Day Care Centre


Clients can attend just one or two days a week or up to five days depending on their circumstances and wishes. Some clients are funded by the local authority and others pay privately for the care we provide. Although our specialism is in dementia care we also offer day care to those who may be isolated and to families who may need a little respite. We are proud to be a Dementia Champion accredited centre providing high quality support and care in a ‘home away from home,’ environment.


We currently have space at our day care centre in Golborne. If you think that we could help a loved one or someone in the community please do get in touch today by calling 01942 723115 and asking for our centre manager, Lisa Lehan.

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Why Friendship is Important to those living with a form of Dementia

Friendship plays such a key role in leading a happy and fulfilled life, and we would argue that this is even more important if you are living with a form of dementia. Even in 2017, receiving a diagnosis of dementia can (wrongly) hold a certain amount of stigma and it’s vital that this doesn’t lead to social isolation.

There are many people, especially in later years, who feel isolated from their family and friends and here at Bridgewater Day Care we aim to make sure that this doesn’t happen! We recognise that friendships have a positive impact on quality of life and help to boost feelings of happiness and wellbeing, even in the later stages of dementia.

All our staff in our day centre are not just highly trained, they are also warm, thoughtful individuals who genuinely care about each of our clients. We have experienced activity coordinators who provide a range of games and experiences that can be played together, helping to create shared achievements and common goals amongst both staff and clients. Some of our most loved activities include music, such as Tea Dance’s and Sing-a-Long’s which bring a real sense of fun to our clients and a chance to reminisce together.


Friendship at the day centre


We are proud to be able to offer lots of arts and crafts experiences and this includes visits from external partners. We recently had a team from The Whitworth Gallery in to see us and run an art session which was a huge hit with both clients and staff.


Because we have a satisfied team at our Day Care centre we have an extremely low staff turnover rate, this is important to our clients for both continuity of care and the building of relationships. We frequently hold fundraisers which clients and staff take part in. Our latest fundraiser was Cupcake Day, raising money for the amazing Alzheimer’s Society. Our fundraising events involve families as well as their loved ones and we find this to be an extremely important part of building relationships. Fundraising events such as this help to make us a valuable part of our local area and give our clients a sense of empowerment and belonging.


We never restrict our Clients to any particular activity; they are free to make their own choices and join in whatever activity they may like to engage in. We will always consider the wishes of the client and details of their preferences and historical past-times through the care planning process to enable us to tailor each client’s day to their interests.


We currently have places available here at Bridgewater Day Care. If you are concerned that your loved one may be isolated and would benefit from the friendship and support that we offer, please get in touch with our team on 01942 723 115 today.

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Dementia Awareness Week Celebrations!

Bridgewater Day Care celebrate Dementia Awareness Week with a fun and fundraising day!

Dementia Awareness week is a very important week for our clients, their families and all our staff. It is a chance for us to open a wider conversation in the community about how dementia affects us and how it will touch all our lives in some way or another.


Dementia Awareness Day - Bridgewater Day Care 01

Client with Dementia Awareness face painting


It was a chance to raise some much-needed funds for the incredible Alzheimer’s Society and to thank them for all they do. Thousands of events took place across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, many of which saw people raising and donating money to fight the condition, volunteering, campaigning for change and becoming Dementia Friends.


We wanted to make our Dementia Awareness Week activity accessible to everybody and the best way to do this was to have a fun day. Dementia needn’t be a depressing or taboo subject, many people are living well with dementia, being supported within their communities and enjoying their lives. At Bridgewater Day Care, we help to make our clients lives as full and enjoyable as possible, offering arts, crafts, music, dancing, a safe welcoming space to socialise and a place of support for our clients and their families.
We were absolutely delighted by all the support we received at our lovely fun day last Friday. The day’s activities included bingo and a pamper salon including nail painting, hand and head massage. We held a domino competition which was a huge hit with our gentleman clients who enjoyed a bit of a healthy rivalry! The group sing-a-long with dancing was fantastic and we kicked off our raffle which will continue until cupcake day in June when there will be a huge hamper to win!

Dementia Awareness Day - Bridgewater Day Care

Clients and Carers having a wonderful day for Dementia Awareness


One of the highlights of the day was the face painting and it seemed only fitting that we painted the dementia awareness symbol on all our faces. All staff and clients wore something blue as a sign of unity in support of dementia awareness. We had such a wonderful day that we will all remember for a long time to come.


Thank you to all who came and supported us and helped us raise valuable funds to support the Alzheimer’s Society. We couldn’t have done it without you!


If you need help or support with caring for a loved one at home please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01942 723 115 or email


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Cognitive exercises and games to help a loved one

What cognitive exercises and games may help a loved one living with a form of dementia?

It is thought that games and puzzles that promote cognitive stimulation can help to slow the progression of dementia, particularly in the early stages. At Bridgewater Day Care we like to keep our clients as active and mentally stimulated as possible, and we make sure that everyone has fun along the way!!

When looking to provide a fun and accessible ‘brain workouts’ we do our best to provide activities that are as inclusive as possible for everyone, irrespective of their age or stage of dementia.




A huge favourite amongst our clients is a good old game of bingo. It is easy to play and is a familiar game, it also requires both the pairing of colours and shapes making it a fantastic cognitive exercise. It is important not to get caught up in who wins or loses or even how the game is played, the key thing here is that those involved enjoyed it.




Another fun, visually stimulating and familiar game is dominoes. In a similar vein to bingo, we can use colour matching and simple counting to play the game. Dominos are pleasant to hold, not too big and can be set up in minutes. The fact it can be played with just two players makes it a perfect activity for a smaller group setting or at home.


Woman playing dominoes


Kim’s Game


This visual and sensory memory game is a fun hands on activity that can be played with one or a few people. The idea of the game is that the facilitator places some different objects on a tray, the players look at the objects for a set amount of time, they may touch them and talk about them if they would like. When the time is up the facilitator takes the tray away and removes one item. When the tray returns, the idea is to guess which item is missing! It is important that this game is accessible to everyone playing and that nobody leaves the game feeling frustrated because it was too complicated!


Word Searches


Simple word search puzzles can help to stimulate the language part of the brain and are a good quiet activity that can be done in a chair. Some people may prefer the challenge of playing this alone, whereas others may like support as they go through the puzzle it is important to take your lead from the individual doing the activity. Ideally, for those living with a form of dementia, a word search should be in a large clear print. Backwards words and diagonal words may cause confusion so we would recommend simple, accessible words that are spelt forwards. Words searches can be focused on one category at a time, for example types of plants, or breeds of dogs. There are some great word searches available for download to get you started should you wish to do this activity at home with a loved one.


It is great that we can use such tools to help keep our cognitive function working as well as possible but it is important to understand that this ought to be as fun and engaging as possible. When providing activities for our clients we want them to feel a sense of achievement, and not feel under any sort of pressure. The primary aim for us is always enjoyment, the fact that our suggested games and puzzles provide some great cognitive exercise is really the icing on the cake!


If you would like to chat to any of our experienced, day care staff about the sort of activities that you could provide for a loved one at home please do pop in and see us!

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The wonderful things about providing care for a loved one

Nobody can deny that being a carer for a loved one can be tough, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.  Looking after someone else forces you to look beyond your own needs, in a society where most of us expect to ‘have it all now’ there are benefits in doing something for the greater good.

Carers can find great joy in kindness, cooking and sharing a meal with someone who may otherwise eat alone, taking the time to sit and listen to someone else talk.  Helping with personal tasks such as bathing and hair washing, things that make a difference to someone else and help them to feel valued and cared for can bring incredible satisfaction and joy to the Carer.  After all, what could be more valuable than making a difference to someone else’s life?

Being a Carer helps you to become a more organised person!  Most of us thrive on a bit of routine.  It provides feelings of safety and security and a general idea of what might be coming next.  Trips out into the community are an important factor when caring for another, it helps with self-worth and is hugely beneficial to both the individual being cared for and the carer.  Day care visits and doctors’ appointments may also form a part of your plans.  Having a going out bag packed, as well as a structure for when and where you might eat or where you can access certain facilities is key.  Your organisational skills must be finely honed!

Many Carers rightly feel a huge sense of achievement in caring for another person.  Making a difference to the life of another and enabling them to live independently is a fantastic thing to do.  Helping to find local support services that can help your loved one as well as taking advantage of the varying tech solutions available such as large button telephones and pre-programmed music players can make a huge difference!


carer walking with client outdoor


The importance of physical health is paramount for those giving care. You cannot look after another without also caring for yourself, this includes getting plenty of rest when possible, eating a varied and nutritious diet and factoring in some time for yourself.  This may involve visiting a day care centre where there is an opportunity for some respite, or organising some regular respite care. Providing care amplifies the need to care for yourself as well as your loved one.


If you need help or support with caring for a loved one at home please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01942 723 115 or email

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Activities for a loved one living with Dementia

What activities will be fun and engaging for a loved one living with a form of Dementia

There are varying types of activities that can add much enjoyment and stimulation to a person who’s living with a form of Dementia, as well as helping to keep them as active and independent as possible.

Activities can be split into four different categories: Creative, Social, Physical and Intellectual but many of our suggestions at least two of these categories at once. When planning an activity, it is important that it’s tailored to the stage of dementia that your loved one is at. These activities should be therapeutic and achievable rather than frustrating, making it good fun for all involved.


Creative activities help to tap into an individual’s imagination and there is no right or wrong answer where art is involved. Painting is a wonderful way to express emotions and can be hugely engaging, playdough or salt dough are also fantastic, allowing a focus on textures with the added bonus of giving the hands and fingers a workout! All the materials are relatively cheap and easy to get hold of, you can even make your own playdough.






Social Activities are hugely valuable to everyone and if you are affected by a form of Dementia it is just as important! If you’re a carer it’s important to make sure you socialise with others too. There are many community activities specifically run to support people with Dementia and their carers, we offer many tailored activities in our Day Care in Golborne, Wigan. Other ideas may be taking a loved one to visit a friend or neighbour or perhaps a trip to see a favourite play or a concert?


Physical activities can help people remain independent for as long as possible in their own home and also helps to lift the spirits by releasing endorphins. A gentle walk in the fresh air can be invigorating, and if that isn’t possible how about some armchair aerobics? There are some great videos on YouTube for this if you’re not sure where to start. A game of catch with an inflatable beach ball can be done at home and is light and easy to see, similarly a game of carpet skittles can be fun and engaging.






Intellectual Activity is thought to contribute to slowing down the progression of some forms of Dementia’s and so a loved one living with mild to moderate stage dementia may enjoy the mental challenge of a crossword, word search or another puzzle. It is important that puzzles provided are achievable and don’t lead to feelings of frustration and disappointment if not completed. Other activities to stimulate the mind are looking at family photographs and reminiscing about events, following a simple recipe and baking something or looking at and sharing favourite books.


We’ve included links to a simple shortbread recipe as well as the instructions to making playdough in case you’d like to try it out. The most important thing about providing activities is that quality time is spent together and everyone has fun!

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Dementia Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

What can I buy a loved one with Dementia for Christmas?

When buying Christmas gifts for friends and family affected by Alzheimer’s and other Dementia’s it pays to choose gifts that are engaging. As professionals in this field we have put together some suggestions which we think we will bring plenty of joy to the receiver!

Here are our top tips!


Gifts which help individuals to retain their independence are always welcomed, this can be something such as a large button telephone or a simple remote control that can be used for the television, there are even talking watches available for those struggling with sight.


An individual in the early stages of Dementia may benefit from games or puzzles that encourage problem solving & cognitive stimulation. These activities are even better when shared with a loved one, quality time spent together is fantastically therapeutic.


Reminiscence is something often enjoyed by the elderly or those living with a form of Dementia. Looking back to times past can create feelings of belonging and security, especially when shared with a family member or carer. We can use many items to reminisce; old movies, a photograph album full of pictures of family and friends from times past or a lovely historical book of images of the local area.


The gift of music can be wonderful for someone living with Dementia. It is thought that it can reach parts of the brain that other forms of communication may not.  Music encourages those living with Dementia to recall memories and emotions which help to bring feelings of emotional and physical closeness. Playlists of special songs or genres that your loved one enjoys make a wonderful gift, or tickets to a concert that you can enjoy together, or an easy to use radio with pre-set stations.


Sensory therapy has become a popular pasttime for those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia, particularly in the later stages. A soft blanket with different tactile tags on it would make a lovely gift, as would a soft teddy, if you wanted to be creative you could even make your own sensory box for someone special.


We wholeheartedly believe that the most wonderful gift you can give to a loved one living with a dementia is the gift of spending time with them. Loneliness and isolation are such huge problems for the elderly in our society that we mustn’t underestimate the value of a cup of tea and a hand to hold.


To find out more about how Bridgewater Home Care can help your loved one, please call on 01942 723 115 or email

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How can the power of music help those affected by Dementia?

Music is known to be one of the greatest joys in life.  We see toddlers jumping up and down to nursery rhymes, teenagers with their pop music, couples having their first dance, friends going to gigs, parents attending those all important piano recitals and seniors listening to music whilst reminiscing on all those special moments that have gone before.

Care homes report that residents are happier and more engaged after listening to music or taking part in a music based activity. But what exactly is it about music therapy that is bringing such joy to the older members of our community?


Music is used to help bring long forgotten memories into the foreground, particularly for those affected by Dementia. It is thought that music is able to reach parts of the brain that other forms of communication may not. It can help patients to recall memories and emotions which bring feelings of emotional and physical closeness to patients and their carers.


Client listens to music through a tablet computer

Client listens to music through a tablet computer


When listening to music, playing an instrument or singing our brains are stimulated and exercised, this can help somebody with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia retain a sense of identity and self-esteem. It can be anything from opera to jazz and music from musicals, ideally a genre that the listener particularly enjoys.


Professor Paul Robertson, academic and concert violist has spent many years studying the effects of music on both the body and the brain, focusing in on those affected by dementia. He believed that music is the key to accessing memories that can appear lost thus helping dementia patients reconnect both with themselves and others while the music is playing.


At Bridgewater Day Care our primary focus is the mental and physical wellbeing of our clients, and we go above and beyond to help those living with a form of dementia to feel happiness and joy and to experience these moments of connection. We have recently invested in Bluetooth headsets which can be pre-programmed to each individual’s particular tastes, providing the opportunity to listen to the music of their choice. We frequently have a local school choir to visit, as well as having sing a longs, tea dances and other activities to enable our clients to have as much access as possible to the wonderful benefits that music brings.


If you would like know to more about how we use music in our Golborne based day care centre, or to talk about to our professional team about any of the services we offer, please do get in touch on 01942 723 115 or email

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Day Care helps prevent Loneliness

In the UK today there is thought to be over a million over 65’s who are lonely, that is a whopping 13% of older people. Bridgewater Day Care can help...

In the UK today there is thought to be over a million over 65’s who are lonely, that is a whopping 13% of older people.

Recent government research suggests that loneliness is as damaging as smoking and obesity and the overall cost to the healthcare system is significant.  Early intervention is key when it comes to identifying elderly individuals who might be isolated and taking steps to integrate them into the local community by providing a range of activities and support through varying organisations.



Living alone can increase the risk of isolation

Living alone can increase the risk of isolation



Here at Bridgewater Day Care our primary concern is that older members of the community in and around Warrington benefit from companionship and friendship in a safe secure environment. Our team of staff are trained in the latest techniques in the care of those living with a form of dementia and Alzheimer’s, this knowledge is reflected in the level of care we provide.



In our Day Care Centre, based in Golborne, our clients enjoy a wonderful selection of activities to encourage friendships to form with both Carer’s and peers. There is no pressure for our seniors to to take part in any activity but we find there is usually something to suit everyone! Clients in our Day Care Centre can choose to take part in Flower Arranging, Plant Potting, Reminiscence Sessions, Tea Dances, Community Outings and Day Trips, Tai Chi, Painting and Sing a long’s to name but a few!!



Trusted day care can make all the difference

Trusted day care can make all the difference




We also hold a Dementia Café at Bridgewater Day Centre on the 3rd Thursday of every month, starting at 10am until 12 noon.  These regular social groups improve well-being and reduce isolation and loneliness for whole families.  New friendships are often formed and people who attend leave the sessions feeling like they have a better quality of life.  The Dementia Cafe is just £1 to attend with a free tea / coffee included.



Did you know that over 1 million older people haven’t spoken to a friend, neighbour or family member for a month? To start a conversation with us and find out how we can help your loved ones please get in touch today by calling 01942 723 115 or email

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Bridgewater Care Support Shevington Fete

Bridgewater Care recently attended Shevington Fete for its 6th consecutive year!  Bridgewater  Care provide home care services for vulnerable adults in the community and also provide a day care service in Golborne which specialises in the support of older people and those with a form of Dementia.

Staff of Bridgewater Care at The Shevington Fete

Members of the Bridgewater Team at The Shevington Fete

Shevington Fete

The Bridgewater Team meeting with the local community


Speaking about the event, day care manager Lisa, said “It’s always a wonderful event that is really well supported by the local community.  Shevington has a strong community and at Bridgewater Care we feel that it is vital that we support these events and the local community as a whole”.  She continued, “Bridgewater Day Care provides a really warm and open environment, a home away from home you might say, for people in the community across Wigan Borough who may be in need of support during the day, whether this is respite for carers, to engage in stimulating and fun activities, or to make use of our specialist Dementia care and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy”.


If you would like to find out more about Bridgewater Day Care then please contact us on 01942 723 115, or email and one of our professional team members will be delighted to help you.


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21st Century Care at Bridgewater Day Care in Golborne

Bridgewater Day Care support clients to participate in a wide range of activities at the day centre in Golborne.  The organisation has recently invested in new technology to enhance the mental stimulation of the Clients who attend the centre with Clients engaging with apps to aid memory and also apps which improve cognition and problem solving.

Client uses tablet at Bridgewater Day Care

Client using tablet computer

There is more and more evidence being released on the benefits of technology to support older people and those living with a form of Dementia – Bridgewater Day Care is driving this forward and creating a 21st Century Care environment for the people of Wigan Borough.

Bridgewater Day Care believes that you are never too old to try something new, with this in mind we have introduced touch screen tablet computers and a training package for care staff to take a lead on how best the technology can be used to encourage and stimulate older people and those with a form of Dementia.



Bridgewater Day Care clients having fun on the tablets

Bridgewater Day Care clients having fun on the tablets


One common approach is to encourage digital interaction with creative activities, such as visual arts, listening to music and solving puzzles.  The tablets are being employed to support clients to participate in activities, reminiscence, communication, cognitive stimulation and social interaction.


This technology is an accessible resource that can be used in both group work and one-to-one interactions.  It has been highlighted that tablets as a tool can enhance the quality of life of older people and particularly those living with a form of dementia.


The Client reaction to the use of tablets at the day centre since their introduction has been nothing short of amazing, Clients have been able to do things that they never thought they would be able to do, this has decreased their anxiety, improved their confidence to find more about the ‘online world’, improved their happiness and not to mention given a huge sense of achievement.


Our tablet technology project has proved to be a huge success, Clients have been able to go back in time by using 21st Century technology, bringing back memories from the good old days and creating new memories with “21st Century Bridgewater”.


If you would like to find out more about Bridgewater Day Care, please call 01942 723 115 or email, and one of our professional team members will be more than happy to help.


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Bridgewater Care Christmas Party 2015!!

Bridgewater Care have had a fantastic celebration for Christmas at the day centre in Wigan.  Clients, staff members from Bridgewater Care and their children attended the event.  Attendees were able to enjoy almost limitless amounts of lovely home made lobby with lots of sweets and treats for everyone to enjoy throughout the days celebrations.


Christmas Party Goborne 4

The event was also an opportunity to recognise the hard work and dedication of the care team at Bridgewater Care. An award ceremony was held at the end of the day with 4 categories to show the appreciation of the company to those carers who really have gone the extra mile over the year when working for Bridgewater Care. The categories were, Newcomer of the year, Outstanding Achievement Award, Outstanding Dedication Award, and Carer of the Year. Winners of each category were given a bottle of bubble and a certificate for their achievements with every carer being treated to a bottle of wine as a big thanks for all their efforts over the past year.


Christmas Party Golborne 1Christmas Party Golborne 2






Speaking at the event Operations Manager, Emma Woodward, stated that “it has been a lovely day today.  The home made food was absolutely delicious and everyone loved it, thanks to all for preparing the food!” continuing she added, “our Carers do a fantastic job, every single day, to ensure that all the Client’s who use our service are provided with only the highest quality of care both at the day centre and in the community at our home care organisations. I would like to personally wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!”.

Christmas Party Goborne 5

Clients at the centre had a wonderful time listening to Christmas music and playing games with the children.  Everyone had a really enjoyable time and went home feeling very festive and joyful!

If you would like to find out more about Bridgewater Day Care, please call 01942 723 115 or email If you are interested in the services that Bridgewater Home Care offer to those wishing to live as independently as possible in their own homes, then please call 01942 215 888 or email

Merry Christmas!!


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Bridgewater Day Care – Dementia Champions!

Bridgewater Day Care are delighted to report on the success of the company having fully trained staff as Dementia Champions.  A Dementia Friends Champion is a volunteer who encourages others to make a positive difference to people living with dementia in their community.

Dementia Champion - Emma (Dementia Friends)

They do this by giving them information about the personal impact of dementia, and what they can do to help.   A dementia champion is someone with excellent knowledge and skills in the care of people with dementia. They are an advocate for people with dementia and a source of information and support for co-workers. They have an understanding of the change process from a theoretical and practical perspective.dementia friends - bridgewaterhome care

Speaking about the accolade, Emma (Operations Manager) stated “It has been an amazing journey to go from being a Dementia Friend to now being a fully trained Dementia Champion.  Dementia is something that is very close to my heart and I am proud of this achievement.  I am looking forward to helping create more Dementia Friends in the local community to raise awareness of the challenges that those living with a form of Dementia face”.


Dementia Friends Champions training courses are run across England by The Alzheimer’s Society, using their experience of training volunteers.  The training day lasts for one day and students learn about dementia and how it affects people, and the practical actions that Dementia Friends can take that could help someone with dementia living in their community.  Students also learn how to run Dementia Friends Information Sessions to inspire other people to become Dementia Friends and help to create dementia friendly communities.


During the training day students also get lots of information and resources to help them understand how to answer people’s questions about dementia and the sources of further information and support they can direct them to.


Congratulations to Emma on becoming a Dementia Champion!


For more information about how to get involved in the Dementia Friends programme, or to find out more about Bridgewater Home Care, please call 01942 723 115 or email

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Bridgewater Care – Moving and Handling Training

Bridgewater Day Care have held a full, in depth, moving and handling training session for the care team at Bridgewater.  Bridgewater prides itself on providing the highest quality of care and support to vulnerable people in the community.  In order to do this it is just as important to care for the care team and provide the highest quality of training and development for staff members.

The Bridgewater Care Team

Bridgewater have a large team of fully qualified and trained care workers who all had a great time developing their skills at the training session.  Speaking about the training Operations Manager, Emma Woodward, stated “It is vitally important that the team are continuously developed and trained in the latest techniques in order to enable us to provide the very highest standard of care that our Clients deserve.  It is even better when the team can develop their skills and have fun at the same time!”.


Bridgewater Care are always looking for highly motivated, reliable people who have a real passion for supporting vulnerable people and want to make a real positive difference to the lives of others.  If you are interested in a role with us please email us your CV to or if you are interested in working with us at our Home Care service then please visit or email – we look forward to hearing from you!


For more information about the services that Bridgewater Care offer, please call 01942 723 115

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Diamond Wedding Celebration at Bridgewater Day Care!

Bridgewater Day Care were delighted to celebrate the Diamond Wedding anniversary of our valued Clients, John and Beryl. John and Beryl were ecstatic to have received their Card from Queen Elizabeth to congratulate them on 6o years of Marriage together.

John celebrates 60 years of Marriage

John celebrates 60 years of Marriage

John commented, “yes, it’s a real achievement especially as I have suffered some ill health over recent years and to still enjoy a very happy marriage together with a wonderful loving family around us and also being a proud father of three daughters and a grandfather.”


There were celebrations throughout the day at Bridgewater Day Care and they continued at a local venue in Golborne with lots of family and friends around.  Unfortunately the Queen sent her apologies as she was busy on another engagement!


Day Centre Clients having a great time celebrating the Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Clients having a great time celebrating the occasion


If you are interested in the services provided by Bridgewater Day Care then please contact us for a free consultation and centre tour on 01942 723 115 or email us at where one of our team members will be in touch to arrange everything for you.


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A Day Trip with Bridgewater Day Care!

Bridgewater Day Care, a provider of high quality day care services in Golborne, Wigan, has taken the Clients of the day centre on a day trip to Earlestown near Wigan!

2014-08-22 11.17.59

Client with Support Worker on the way to Earlestown


Staff and Clients at Bridgewater Day Care decided to make the most of the good weather to visit the local market town.  The day was a great success with Clients having a great time exploring the village shops, sightseeing and looking around the market stalls.


Clients at a local market with Mandy, Day Care Manager

Clients at a local market with Mandy, Day Care Manager


Speaking about the day, Emma Woodward, Operations Manager of Bridgewater Day Care said “Clients of the day centre had a brilliant time.  There was a tour of the local market, looking at all the crafts and plants on offer – even the trip on the bus was great fun!”


Clients enjoying the local market and plant stall

Clients enjoying the local market and plant stall




Clients having a good rummage through the stall holder wares

Clients having a good rummage through the stall holders wares



“Bridgewater Day Care has its main focus on increasing the quality of life of those who use the service.  Our Clients benefit from an environment where making friends is easy, with the activities on offer being flexible around the wishes of the Clients who access the service.”


Bridgewater Day Care provide a home away from home environment for older people and those with a form of Dementia.


If you are interested in the services provided by Bridgewater Day Care then please contact us for a free consultation and centre tour on 01942 723 115 or email us at where one of our team members will be in touch to arrange everything for you.


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Dementia Care – What is Dementia?

Bridgewater Day Care provides dementia care services in Golborne, Wigan.  Our services are suitable for and available to all elderly people and those with a form of Dementia.  Below is a brief of what Dementia is and some of the different forms of Dementia that people can develop.



What is Dementia?

The word dementia describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. These changes are often small to start with, but for someone with dementia they have become severe enough to affect daily life.  A person with dementia may also experience changes in their mood or behaviour.


Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease or a series of strokes. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia but not all dementia is due to Alzheimer’s.  The specific symptoms that someone with dementia experiences will depend on the parts of the brain that are damaged and the disease that is causing the dementia.


Types of Dementia:


Alzheimer’s disease

This is the most common cause of dementia. During the course of the disease, the chemistry and structure of the brain changes, leading to the death of brain cells.

Vascular dementia

If the oxygen supply to the brain fails, brain cells may die. The symptoms of vascular dementia can occur either suddenly, following a stroke, or over time, through a series of small strokes.

Dementia with Lewy bodies

This form of dementia gets its name from tiny spherical structures that develop inside nerve cells. Their presence in the brain leads to the degeneration of brain tissue.

Fronto-temporal dementia

In fronto-temporal dementia, damage is usually focused in the front part of the brain. Personality and behaviour are initially more affected than memory.

Mild cognitive impairment

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a relatively recent term, used to describe people who have some problems with their memory but do not actually have dementia.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Prions are infectious agents that attack the central nervous system and then invade the brain, causing dementia. The best-known prion disease is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, or CJD.

Korsakoff’s syndrome

Korsakoff’s syndrome is a brain disorder that is usually associated with heavy drinking over a long period. Although it is not strictly speaking a dementia, people with the condition experience loss of short term memory.

Rarer causes of dementia

There are many other rarer causes of dementia, including progressive supranuclear palsy and Binswanger’s disease.  People with multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease can also be at an increased risk of developing dementia.


If you are interested in the services provided by Bridgewater Day Care then please contact us for a free consultation and centre tour on 01942 723 115 or email us at where one of our team members will be in touch to arrange everything for you.



Information Courtesy of:



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Grand Open Day!

Bridgewater day care held its Grand Open Day on Wednesday 19th February.  The event was a great opportunity for prospective clients, their carers, health and social care professionals and members of the community to take a first glimpse of the centre and the services that will be offered.

Attendees were able to take a tour of the centre, try out the luxurious seating and enjoy a meal provided by Bridgewater Day Care’s catering partners.  Many high profile members of the NHS, GP’s, Wigan Council and local charitable organisations supported the open day and were able to enjoy the comforts and amenities of the centre just as our Client’s would experience it.

Visitors to the event were provided with an evaluation form with many fantastic positive comments and feedback, some of which are below:

Speaking about the day centre, one NHS professional stated that there was “no improvement required. Very light, bright and inviting” and “fantastic choice of meals and appropriate diets to suit all needs”.

The centre was rated as ‘Very Welcoming’ with the quality of the furniture being rated as ‘Excellent’, and the quality of the food as ‘Excellent’.

Bridgewater Day Care would like to thank all of those who attended the Open Day and thank you for great feedback and wishes.

If you are interested in the services provided by Bridgewater Day Care then please contact us for a free consultation and centre tour on 01942 723 115 or email us at where one of our team members will be in touch to arrange everything for you.


We look forward to welcoming you to the centre!

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Day Care in Wigan – Transformed!

After over a year of planning, the former Wigan Council Day Centre has now been completely refurbished with a brand new interior and furnishings that have been specifically designed with older people and those with a form of Dementia in mind. 

We have spent a pains-taking amount of time, working with external consultants and advisers, ensuring that the day centre will provide a calming, homely and comfortable environment for the Clients who use the day centre.

The former Golborne Day Centre in Wigan has been transformed from an outdated interior to a brand new, vibrantly decorated interior.  You can see our progress on the photos below.  Our service is in high demand so please add yourself to the waiting list to avoid disappointment! Click here: Service Enquiry Form


The main area of the day centre under refurbishment




Dining area under refurbishment




Completed refurbishment with new furniture!

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A phoenix from the ashes: care centre set to re-open

A former day care centre which closed following council cuts is to re-open next month.  Bridgewater Day Care will take over the running of the site in Queen Street, Golborne, which shut last summer, providing activities and services for elderly residents, people with dementia and respite for carers.

The premises, which will initially be open Monday to Friday, from 10am until 4pm, will also offer a hot meal an refreshments, plus bathing facilities.

The owner of Bridgewater Day Care, said: “I knew the centre when it was running as a council provision and I thought it was a great thing for the local community and it was well respected. When it had to be shut down following council cuts, I felt passionate that I wanted to bring it back into ongoing use for the community to use.  There will be respite for carers of loved ones who are elderly or have a dementia so they can have a day or two off during the week.  It is also a place where elderly people or those with dementia can take part in activities and meet other people similar to them as there will be lots of engagement going on.  We also have a bathing service for people who are less mobile, as there is a hoist in the room.  Clients will also receive a nutritious meal and there will be biscuits and refreshments served throughout the day.  We will have visits from outside parties, with reiki, yoga, and reminiscence sessions.  This is going to be a vibrant community place and I hope people will get as involved as possible.  We hope to be up and running as soon as possible.”

Refurbishment is ongoing with the opening of the centre targetted for April 2014.  An open day is expected to take place in early February for people to sign up to become members and join the waiting list, with a view to become fully operational soon after.

A recruitment drive is ongoing, for a day centre manager and care support staff.

For more information, visit or email

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Healthy living with Dementia at Bridgewater

In this article we will be highlighting four special points of interest around healthy living with dementia and how these areas are built into the service offered at Bridgewater Day Centre.

These special points of interest are:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Friendships
  • Mental Health


A healthy balanced diet provides all the nutrients the body needs in the right amounts to stay fit and well.  Eating a nutritious balanced diet and maintaining a healthy body weight is just as important for people with dementia as anyone else.

Eating healthily does not mean that certain foods have to be avoided.  Everything in moderation and a little bit of what you fancy is the key to enjoying food and staying fit and well.  However, knowing which foods provide which types of nutrients can be helpful in planning a healthy approach to eating and mealtimes.

At Bridgewater Day Centre, we focus our time and energy into working with nutritional experts and providers of meals tailored specifically for the elderly to ensure that our Clients receive a well-balanced, healthy and satisfying meal during their visit with us.


The benefits of exercise are well known.  Regular exercise maintains a healthy heart, controls weight, and preserves muscle strength.  Exercise can also improve blood flow to your brain, elevate your mood, release tension and maintain your flexibility and mobility.

Within our schedule of activities we will invite external agencies to provide activity sessions in the centre for Clients with varied abilities, whether these are chair based exercises or tasters in Zumba, Yoga or Tai Chi and much more.


Friendships have an enormous importance that it keeps people communicating with others, participation with well-established friends or new people.  Enjoying hobbies and activities give a good feeling of wellbeing and increase mental stimulation.

Bridgewater Day Centre’s core aim is to provide a ‘Home away from home’, a place where Clients can feel comfortable, relaxed and happy in an environment that encourages social interactions and simple fun times!

Mental Health

Many people have heard the saying “use it or lose it”.  There are ways to maximise your existing skills, exercise your thinking abilities and improve your quality of life through mentally stimulating activity.

Mental stimulation is linked to slower cognitive decline.  At Bridgewater Day Centre we encourage our Clients to engage as much as possible in the activities they partake in and with fellow attendees socially.  Not only is mental stimulation beneficial for those diagnosed with a form of dementia, but it also reduces the risk of developing dementia in the future for those who are not living with it.



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