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Sensory Garden Party in aid of Dementia Action Week!

30th May 2018

Sensory stimulation is a huge part of all our lives but when living with a form dementia it can be overwhelming and confusing. If we find ourselves lonely and socially isolated, we may miss out on sensory stimulation and stay at home with only the television or radio for company. We believe that all our clients, from whatever background, will benefit from the positive effects of sensory activities, that’s why we decided to host our first ever week of sensory garden parties here at Bridgewater Day Care.

Did you know that taking part in these activities helps to facilitate communication with friends and carers? It encourages participation in community activities and serves to boost our confidence and mood. It can improve cognitive function, increase alertness and concentration as well as keep us thoroughly entertained. Taking part in a wide range of sensory activities is like a workout for the mind!

What activities did we put on for our clients as part of the garden party?

We selected a whole range of different activities, from bubbles, sand play, hook the duck and Velcro darts to name but a few.

Client playing hook the duck

Client playing ‘hook the duck’!

We had a sandpit complete with shells as part of our garden party, which everyone had access to. Sand play is a form of creative self-expression which can help us access our emotions as well as being great fun. Making sandcastles and other shapes is brilliant for exercising gross and fine motor skills, as well as helping to increase concentration. It can also make us nostalgic and reminisce about past times can help us to access difficult to reach memories.

All our clients enjoyed the bubble machine, a great inclusive activity that made everyone giggle. Popping bubbles is great fun, good for coordination and gross motor skills, the feeling and the sensation of them popping on your skin is wonderful.

Client with bubble machine

Client having fun with the bubble machine

We had a paddling pool full of cool water and orbs that clients could dip their feet into and have a soak. The cooling sensation on such a hot day was a real treat and our clients loved the feeling of all the orbs on their feet. The biggest hit by far was a game of hook the duck!! This game is a good old fashioned favourite and everybody had a try.


Client soaking feet in pool

Client having a good soak in the cool pool!

Our brilliant staff were on hand to support our clients to take part in all the activities that they wanted to, and much fun was had by all. Thanks to all of you who came and joined in the fun, we had a brilliant week.

If you know someone who would benefit from attending our Golborne Day Centre why not get in touch with our manager Lisa Lehan on 01942 723 115 for an informal chat. We currently have space and can offer trial visits with pre-arrangement.