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Bridgewater Day Care are proud to offer our high quality day care services at the day centre for a large cross section of the community in Wigan.

There are a number of ways which people can access the service and pay for the service.  Bridgewater Day Care works in partnership with Wigan Council and the Wigan NHS Clinical Commissioning Group to support a variety of individuals to live an active, fulfilling and happy life.

Service rates

Day Care Service: £60 per day

Nutritionally balanced meal: £8

Transport to and from the day centre: We work with the Local Authority and external providers to meet your transport needs.

To find out more about the day care services offered, please click here.  Bridgewater Day Care provide a vast range of services at the centre, a snapshot of the services can be found here.

Having a high quality day care service is vitally important, but this also must be complimented with each client being looked after and cared for to ensure that their nutritional needs are also met.  That’s why Bridgewater Day Care have formed a partnership with Wiltshire Farm Foods to ensure that all our clients receive a wide range of meal options to promote health and well-being.  For a small fee our clients enjoy a hot main meal, dessert and coffee / tea and biscuits throughout the day inclusive.


Private funding

Many of our clients are those who pay for our high-quality daycare services through their own resources.  Invoices are issued on a per monthly basis and collected by direct debit.

For more information please contact us on 01942 723 115 or email