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  • Mum loves her day at Bridgewater Day Care.  She feels safe, understood and included in all the activities.  She enjoys the opportunity to have lunch with people (and rates the food especially the apple pie and custard) highly.  The atmosphere is one of enjoyment and the staff should be commended on their obvious enthusiasm and dedication to the clients and excellent teamwork and communication.  Always a smile, a helpful hand and warm embrace – Mum’s smile tells it all.  Lisa and the team constantly provide an excellent service which puts people first.

Maria (Client’s Daughter)

  • I find Bridgewater Day Care excellent.  All the carers put 150% into the care they give my husband.  He likes the attention they give him.  The staff all enjoy being there, that makes the day centre bright and cheerful.  I know I can leave Eddie there and can enjoy a day to myself without worrying

Doris (Client’s Wife)

  • From the first moment my Mother and I entered the Bridgewater Day Centre for her ‘getting to know you’ visit, it was clearly an exceptional place.  The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, with a sense of informal structure and purpose.  The staff achieve an ideal blend of friendliness and professionalism, making everyone feel valued and welcomed.  Since my Mother started to attend she has often mentioned how much she enjoys attending and in the weeks she misses a session, she seems less cheerful.  I have particularly appreciated the times I’ve been contacted with updates on how my Mother has been and have always felt that any concerns were taken seriously.  I welcome this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Lisa (Manager), with whom I have most contact, and all the staff at Bridgewater Day Centre and the transport staff who colect and return my Mother each week.  The Bridgewater Day Centre is a wonderful place where I can be confident my Mother is safe and cherished.

Harriet (Client’s Daughter)

  • Bridgewater has been the best place for our vulnerable Mum!  It is safe, secure and has been a place of progress for Mum as she slowly deteriorates with FTD (Frontotemporal Dementia).  Staff at Bridgewater are supportive, friendly and most of all accommodating for the needs of the family as they support Mum through such a difficult transition.  Bridgewater has literally been a path of hope and Mum thrives on being there everyday – she even feels like ‘one of the team’!  As young carers, Bridgewater has provided normality in an unexpected way of life and the staff unconsciously allow us to continue our lives knowing that Mum is happy and relaxed everyday.  We couldn’t thank the staff enough for all that they do – a driven team who deserve mountains of praise!

Claire (Client’s Daughter)

  • The Bridgewater Day Care Centre (Golborne) to me is not just a day centre, it is like a home from home for my Mum.  She goes twice a week and sits at the window with her coat on eagerly waiting for the bus to collect her.  The activities are varied and structured so that everyone can join in, if they want to.  These include craft, puzzles, bingo, pamper sessions, and on occasions animals have been brought in to meet them.  Everyone is encouraged to do what they can.  My Mums favourite is when they have an entertainer (she loves to dance).  I can only praise the staff (Bridgewater family) for the excellent care, attention and love that is given to everyone not only to the person attending, but support, communication and assurance that their family member is being well loved an cared for to a very high standard.  We as a family cannot thank you enough and this enables us to keep our family together.  Thank you.

Elaine (Clients daughter)

  • We felt the day centre was excellent in all aspects (environment, organisation, staff, etc.).  We felt it was like a home from home, and very suited to our clients.

NHS Health Professional

  • After starting at Bridgewater Day Care my life has began to turn around, after losing my husband two years ago I was at a very low state.  I have met such very good friends, I was a very lonely person and badly needed the company of others.  All the staff are wonderful and are there to help you, I even started to knit again which passes my time at home.  The food is excellent and lovingly served out to you.  I look forward to my Tuesdays and Fridays to be with my friends.

Mrs. M (Client)

  • The staff at Bridgewater I find are very efficient and helpful, nothing seems any trouble for them.  Always work with a smile, always there to do everything I want, they are the most helpful girls I have seen and I am sure the company must be very proud of them.  They remind me of an old song, “always look on the bright side of life”.  Thank you.

Joe (Client)

  • A wonderful day care centre.  All staff amazing.  Always go that extra mile, when Mum is being ‘difficult’ in the morning the manager will come to the care to help me and take Mum for a walk to calm her, exceptional.  Cannot praise enough.  I work in care myself and I have never seen or been anywhere with such a lovely atmosphere.  I would never take Mum anywhere else, totally perfect.

Mrs Morrall (Client’s daughter)

  • It’s wonderful being with Bridgewater Care, I would recommend them to anybody.  After Social Services asked me what being with Bridgewater Care was like, I said it was like Heaven.  I feel very relaxed and I know I can go away for a break when I need to.

Tom (Clients Husband)

  • Your friendly, professional service has been a godsend, and it is only with your support that Mum has been able to remain in her own home as long as she has.  It is nice to know that there are people in the caring profession who do just that – genuinely care about the people they are supporting.

Mary, Janet and Family

  • Thank you for the support and help that you and your staff at Bridgewater Day Care Centre have given to our family.  We have noticed a difference in my Mother – in – Law since she has been attending the centre due to the friendly, caring environment and the wide variety of activities, designed to encourage social interaction, which you provide.  I also appreciate the on -going communication and professional support you provide which   is especially important to us as we live so far away.  Many Thanks

Mrs Barton