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The wonderful things about providing care for a loved one

11th Mar 2017

Carers can find great joy in kindness, cooking and sharing a meal with someone who may otherwise eat alone, taking the time to sit and listen to someone else talk.  Helping with personal tasks such as bathing and hair washing, things that make a difference to someone else and help them to feel valued and cared for can bring incredible satisfaction and joy to the Carer.  After all, what could be more valuable than making a difference to someone else’s life?

Being a Carer helps you to become a more organised person!  Most of us thrive on a bit of routine.  It provides feelings of safety and security and a general idea of what might be coming next.  Trips out into the community are an important factor when caring for another, it helps with self-worth and is hugely beneficial to both the individual being cared for and the carer.  Day care visits and doctors’ appointments may also form a part of your plans.  Having a going out bag packed, as well as a structure for when and where you might eat or where you can access certain facilities is key.  Your organisational skills must be finely honed!

Many Carers rightly feel a huge sense of achievement in caring for another person.  Making a difference to the life of another and enabling them to live independently is a fantastic thing to do.  Helping to find local support services that can help your loved one as well as taking advantage of the varying tech solutions available such as large button telephones and pre-programmed music players can make a huge difference!


carer walking with client outdoor


The importance of physical health is paramount for those giving care. You cannot look after another without also caring for yourself, this includes getting plenty of rest when possible, eating a varied and nutritious diet and factoring in some time for yourself.  This may involve visiting a day care centre where there is an opportunity for some respite, or organising some regular respite care. Providing care amplifies the need to care for yourself as well as your loved one.


If you need help or support with caring for a loved one at home please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01942 723 115 or email