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21st Century Care at Bridgewater Day Care in Golborne

14th Aug 2016

Client uses tablet at Bridgewater Day Care

Client using tablet computer

There is more and more evidence being released on the benefits of technology to support older people and those living with a form of Dementia – Bridgewater Day Care is driving this forward and creating a 21st Century Care environment for the people of Wigan Borough.

Bridgewater Day Care believes that you are never too old to try something new, with this in mind we have introduced touch screen tablet computers and a training package for care staff to take a lead on how best the technology can be used to encourage and stimulate older people and those with a form of Dementia.



Bridgewater Day Care clients having fun on the tablets

Bridgewater Day Care clients having fun on the tablets


One common approach is to encourage digital interaction with creative activities, such as visual arts, listening to music and solving puzzles.  The tablets are being employed to support clients to participate in activities, reminiscence, communication, cognitive stimulation and social interaction.


This technology is an accessible resource that can be used in both group work and one-to-one interactions.  It has been highlighted that tablets as a tool can enhance the quality of life of older people and particularly those living with a form of dementia.


The Client reaction to the use of tablets at the day centre since their introduction has been nothing short of amazing, Clients have been able to do things that they never thought they would be able to do, this has decreased their anxiety, improved their confidence to find more about the ‘online world’, improved their happiness and not to mention given a huge sense of achievement.


Our tablet technology project has proved to be a huge success, Clients have been able to go back in time by using 21st Century technology, bringing back memories from the good old days and creating new memories with “21st Century Bridgewater”.


If you would like to find out more about Bridgewater Day Care, please call 01942 723 115 or email, and one of our professional team members will be more than happy to help.