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Top 10 Tips For Nutrition and Hydration week 16th -22nd March 2020

19th Mar 2020

Nutrition and Hydration week is an annual event that highlights the importance of food and drink and the role that good nutrition and hydration play in our health, energy levels and quality of life.

Here are our top 10 tips for making sure that we all stay hydrated and are eating correctly and well.


  1. 1) Drinking plenty throughout the day helps improve skin, concentration, balance, memory, energy and mood.
  2. 2) Aim for 6-8 drinks per day (200ml each –a normal cup or glass size).
  3. 3) Keep a water bottle with you.
  4. 4) Drink after meals rather than before to avoid feeling too full or bloated.
  5. 5) If you worry about going to the toilet at night, drink earlier in the day
  6. 6) If you find it hard to eat a big meal that’s ok, just eat little and often. 6 small meals are as good as 3 big meals
  7. 7) Try to eat more on the days or the times during the day when you feel more like eating, e.g. if you are most hungry in the morning, try having a bigger breakfast.
  8. 8) Even if you are not feeling up to cooking there are lots of ways to make sure you are still eating healthy and filling meals
  9. 9) Finger foods can help you to eat well.
  10. 10) It is helpful to keep track of your weight so you can spot any changes early. Why not buy some scales and record your weight once a week or once a month?